ArgMining 2020
December 13, colocated with COLING 2020 in Barcelona, Spain



We are thrillered to announce that Marco Guerini from FBK Trento (webpage) will give a keynote talk at ArgMining2020!

Title: Counter Narrative Generation against online hate speech, data and strategies​

Tackling online hatred using argumentation-based textual responses  –  called  counter  narratives  –  has been brought under the spotlight recently.  Accordingly, a research line has emerged to automatically  generate  counter  narratives  in  order  to facilitate  the  direct  intervention  in  the  discussions  and  to prevent  hate  content from  further  spreading.  Still, natural language generation approaches  suffer  from  the  lack  of sufficient amount  of  quality  data  and  tend  to  produce generic/repetitive  responses.  Being  aware  of the  aforementioned limitations,  we  present  several methodologies to collect responses to hate effectively, and describe the best generation strategies/neural architectures that can be used for counter narrative generation.


The list of accepted papers is now avalable online

14:00–14:15    Opening Session


14:15–15:15    Invited Talk by Marco Guerini (FBK Trento, Italy)


15:15–15:30    Break


15:30–16:00    Oral Presentations — Session 1


Annotating Topics, Stance, Argumentativeness and Claims in Dutch Social Media Comments: A Pilot Study (Nina Bauwelinck and Els Lefever)


Detecting Media Bias in News Articles using Gaussian Bias Distributions (Findings of EMNLP) (Wei-Fan Chen Khalid Al-Khatib, Benno Stein, Henning Wachsmuth)


Annotation and Detection of Arguments in Tweets (Robin Schaefer and Manfred Stede)


Annotating argumentation in Swedish social media (Anna Lindahl)


16:00–16:30    Oral Presentations — Session 2


Exploring the use of Morality in Argumentation (Jonathan Kobbe, Ines Rehbein, Ioana Hulpuș and Heiner Stuckenschmidt)

Argument from Old Man's View: Assessing Social Bias in Argumentation (Maximilian Spliethöver and Henning Wachsmuth)

Style Analysis of Argumentative Texts by Mining Rhetorical Devices (Khalid Al Khatib, Viorel Morari and Benno Stein)


16:30-16:45     Break


16:45-17:15     Oral Presentations — Session 3


Aspect-Based Argument Mining (Dietrich Trautmann)

Creating a Domain-diverse Corpus for Theory-based Argument Quality Assessment (Lily Ng, Anne Lauscher, Joel Tetreault and Courtney Napoles)

Semi-Supervised Cleansing of Web Argument Corpora (Jonas Dorsch and Henning Wachsmuth)


17:15-17:45     Oral Presentations — Session 4


ECHR: Legal Corpus for Argument Mining (Prakash Poudyal, Jaromir Savelka, Aagje Ieven, Marie Francine Moens, Teresa Goncalves and Paulo Quaresma)

Use of Claim Graphing and Argumentation Schemes in Biomedical Literature: A Manual Approach to Analysis  (Eli Moser and Robert E. Mercer)

DebateSum: A large-scale argument mining and summarization dataset (Allen Roush and Arvind Balaji)

News Aggregation with Diverse Viewpoint Identification Using Neural Embeddings and Semantic Understanding Models (Mark Carlebach, Ria Cheruvu, Brandon Walker, Cesar Ilharco Magalhaes and Sylvain Jaume)


17:45-18:00 Best Paper Award (sponsored by IBM) and Concluding Remarks

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