ArgMining 2020
December 13, colocated with COLING 2020 in Barcelona, Spain

Accepted papers

Long papers
  • Annotating Topics, Stance, Argumentativeness and Claims in Dutch Social Media Comments: A Pilot Study (Nina Bauwelinck and Els Lefever)
  • Semi-Supervised Cleansing of Web Argument Corpora (Jonas Dorsch and Henning Wachsmuth)
  • Exploring the use of Morality in Argumentation (Jonathan Kobbe, Ines Rehbein, Ioana Hulpuș and Heiner Stuckenschmidt)
  • Aspect-Based Argument Mining (Dietrich Trautmann)
  • ECHR: Legal Corpus for Argument Mining (Prakash Poudyal, Jaromir Savelka, Aagje Ieven, Marie Francine Moens, Teresa Goncalves and Paulo Quaresma)
  • Argument from Old Man's View: Assessing Social Bias in Argumentation
    (Maximilian Spliethöver and Henning Wachsmuth)
  • Creating a Domain-diverse Corpus for Theory-based Argument Quality Assessment​ (Lily Ng, Anne Lauscher, Joel Tetreault and Courtney Napoles)
  • Style Analysis of Argumentative Texts by Mining Rhetorical Devices (Khalid Al Khatib, Viorel Morari and Benno Stein)
  • Use of Claim Graphing and Argumentation Schemes in Biomedical Literature: A Manual Approach to
    Analysis (Eli Moser and Robert E. Mercer)

Short papers
  • Annotation and Detection of Arguments in Tweets (Robin Schaefer and Manfred Stede)
  • Annotating argumentation in Swedish social media (Anna Lindahl)

  • DebateSum: A large-scale argument mining and summarization dataset (Allen Roush and Arvind Balaji)
  • News Aggregation with Diverse Viewpoint Identification Using Neural Embeddings and Semantic Understanding Models (Mark Carlebach, Ria Cheruvu, Brandon Walker, Cesar Ilharco Magalhaes and Sylvain Jaume)